April 25 UPDATE from Star’s advocates “He has been nothing but a joy to spend time with & has shown no concerning behaviors in public or in private. He met my son a couple of times & was fine with him as well. Friday we went walking with Star & Sage, it went very well. Star was very well behaved & respectful of Sage at all times. Star is a paws on player & so is sage, so they are evenly matched. They only had brief moments of playing since it was their first get together but it went off without a hitch:) I took him walking to the reservoir on my own the other day & he was a loose leash walker the entire walk of about an hour or so. He was fine with passerby’s we didn’t see any dogs or remote control cars this time, thank goodness. This week he will be visiting here at my home as much as I can get him here, trying for Mon thru fri, to work on how it does during meal times, home living, & dealing with new surroundings:) So far he has passed every test with an A++” Stay tuned for more on STAR!

Info on Star: Star is ready for his forever home!!! With the support of his many fans who generously contributed to his care and training, Star went to Click To Zen in Watertown, NY, to be given a new chance at life. While on his retreat, he was treated for his mange, and introduced to other dogs whom he LOVES to play with. He can be low energy unless there is something fun to do and then he can play all day. Star would do fine with older, well mannered children who are respectful of dogs. He likes to go for walks, hang out with people, chew on his toys and play. Star is very much a creature of habit and likes to do the same thing in the same manner every day. He thrives on routine and needs a home with consistency and boundaries. Storm walks nicely on a leash and is a pleasure to walk. He is house-trained, up to date on shots, neutered and micro-chipped. He knows his commands, and everyday is improving on becoming the “Star” he was born to be!

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