Star – 2 y/o, 60 lb Snuggle-Muffin Pit Mix

NH – Hey everyone, it is good to meet you! My name is Star. I am a wiggly 2 y.o., 60 lb bundle of love! Unfortunately, my previous family was unable to keep me, and they had to surrender me to the NYC ACC where I’m told I was a death row dog! FORTUNATELY for me, a kind family discovered me, and believed in me, they believed that I truly was a “STAR” and they wanted to save me. If you ask them, they will tell you that I am a wonderfully sweet and gentle girl around everyone I meet. I even gave their 11 year old daughter a BIG HUG the first time I met her.

Speaking of hugs? I love giving em! If you have shoulders to offer, my paws are there! I am learning that I need to have better manners though, and need to tame some of my exuberance. We are working on that!

I love snuggling and cuddling with my human friends, I prefer being in close contact whenever I can. If you let me, I will snuggle under the covers with you ♥ If I must, though, I will sleep just fine in my own doggie bed.

I am a good leash walker, but I’m pretty strong, so you might want to get me one of those special harnesses. If not, I will do ok with the martingale collar that I use now! Sometimes I may get nervous if I meet another dog on the street, but I don’t jump at or lunge toward them- I might just give a low growl to let them know I will protect my family.

My family is teaching me new things and I am learning pretty quickly! I know the command “sit,” and I am learning “wait.” If you let me, I will explore the counters, but I am told that is bad manners, so I am working on that too… I’m pretty quiet most of the time, barking is over-rated in my opinion.

I’m a girl with a good appetite, and I eat my food with gusto! However, I know how to take treats gently, and I have good manners when my human friends are eating their own meals. I don’t whine or beg.

Car rides aren’t a problem for me! I travel well in them. I will wait nicely for you (I feel sorry for myself and might whine because it is a little scary being alone), but I will be really happy when you come back. I promise not to destroy the seats while you are gone! It might help if you leave me with a chew toy or bone to keep me busy.

Things I can live without:

  • Snow- I don’t like it. However I am so happy to come in from being out in it, that I will let my foster mom wipe my feet.
  • Baths – to be honest, if I can, I will try to jump out, but I tolerate them if I must have them!
  • Crates – I would rather be with my human friends than in a crate.
  • Cats – I need a cat-free home

I really am a good girl, I prefer to be your one and only fur-kid, so if you will give me that chance, I promise to shine!

Hugs, kisses and tail wags,

Star is spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, micro-chipped.

For additional photos, please visit Star’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!