Brooklyn – Super-sweet 2 yo, 50 lb Blue-nosed Female Pittie

Passaic, NJ – Hi guys! Have you heard how Brooklyn is so in right now? It’s where all the cool kids wanna live – beautiful, really fun, and has a great vibe. So it’s no wonder that I’m named after it! We should totally hang out so you can see why!

My foster mom thinks I’m the best too:

“Brooklyn is such an amazing dog. She is super affectionate and loving, basically an oversized lap dog (2 yrs old, 50 pounds). And on top of all that sweetness, she knows commands and listens very well. She is a fast learner for sure and takes direction beautifully. She would be an amazing addiction to a home as the only dog and one with older kids for now. As she is a rescue, this beautiful lady would probably love another dog pal but she and our dog got into it a bit over a toy. We know this is totally normal for new animals and maybe a one time thing. Also, it’s an easy behavior to break with the right training. She’s just such a fun, loyal companion and one you will definitely want around basically forever. She has some allergies we think but again, coming out of a shelter we don’t know. Brooklyn will totally change your life for the better so a few sneezes are really nothing. We adore her!”

As you just read, I am a really good girl. I love my family and wanna hang out! Cuddling, walking, pretending I am sleeping while you guys eat dinner but secretly staring at your plate that I REALLY, REALLY want to eat but won’t because I have great manners and know you guys have to eat too – I’m down as long as I know you’re around. So come see why I am the Brooklyn pizza slice in dog form- DELICIOUS! I would love to be your forever doggie!

For additional photos, please visit Brooklyn’s Facebook Page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thank you for caring about this really special dog!