North Scituate, RI – Hi Everyone! I’m Trudy! I am a very healthy, gleaming Australian Kelpie/Lab mix. My first owner adopted me from NYC ACC as a 6 month pup, My owner loved that I was friendly, calm and relaxed around kids and cats, and that I am super smart- I know basic commands like sit, come, go, down and give paw! Sadly, one of their family members became allergic to me, and they surrendered me back to the NYC ACC. The people at the NYC ACC really liked me too! Here is what one of them had to say!!

“Trudy is truly delicious! An affectionate, apartment-sized pup with a sweet demeanor and a whole bag of tricks, she’s more than happy to demonstrate for a delicious treat. I can’t think of anything nicer than coming home from a hard day to some snuggly loving from gorgeous Trudy. She knows commands for come, sit and shake paw, walks very well on leash and seems house trained too, and though she doesn’t appreciate being stuck in a kennel, the very instant Trudy steps outside, a perfect little lady is born.”

We’re told she’s relaxed and respectful of children, has no issues sharing her toys or food and even lived and played with two feline siblings — cat lovers rejoice! Though she isn’t one for socializing with other dogs, Trudy is quite easy to handle when passing nearby, and with some positive training and encouragement her manners may improve further still. She’s a puppy at heart and loves to play with toys, enjoys herding (she’s part Kelpie after all!) and is a very superior snuggler; nuzzling into my lap, rolling over for belly rubs and allowing any and all handling with no complaints whatsoever. Already spayed and ready to leave for a loving new home today, Trudy can’t wait to start showering you with endless love and kisses!”

When I developed a cold, as must of us do when we are at the shelter, I wound up on the horrid list to be killed. Was I ever lucky when a couple of girls saw my plight and asked Amsterdog if they could take me in to save my life until I could find my forever home.

Here is what they would like to share about me:

“When we first met Trudy in a parking lot straight from the shelter, we had no idea what to expect. We had ideas; timid, scared, maybe a little aggressive from the trauma of shelter life. All of that went right out the window when she exited the volunteer’s car. What we had on our hands, was an energetic, lovable, and palpably grateful cuddle bug.

Trudy has been an absolute spark of light in our lives. She loves belly rubs, going on walks and hikes, and has made great progress with leash work so that she’s become an excellent running companion. She’s quick to sit down and give you a high five. Plus, she is a ball-catching superstar!

Trudy prefers not to share her home with other dogs. However, she is eager and quick to bond with people, kids, and even cats. Despite her high energy, she has been excellent using self restraint (and never ending patience!) when playing with our 4 year old nephew. She is absolutely wonderful with kids. She lets him snuggle (smother) her to pieces, and is very gentle when playing catch or tug of war with him.

At the end of the day, Trudy loves nothing more than cuddling up with the people that love her. We love and adore having her around, and know that she would make an excellent addition to the right family.”

I am such a worthy young girl and I would TRULY appreciate a chance at life in a LOVING forever home (as you already know, I am great with kids and cats, and I am working on my dog to dog manners, but need a home to be the one and only doggie companion). I hope you will consider me

Trudy is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations

For additional photos, please visit Trudy’s Facebook page or contact us for information or fill out an online application. And thanks for caring about this really special dog!