Meet Zeppelin (Zeppy), the amazing three-legged 9 month old brindle pit mix!

He didn’t have a good start in life. Found tied to a dumpster with a mangled leg at the tender age of a few months old, he was found by a good Samaritan who brought him to an animal hospital where Amsterdog Rescue sponsored him and paid for his amputation, and his shots and neuter.

Because of his difficult start in life, it is even that more incredible that he is such a lover of people. Wherever he goes, his tail wags and eyes beseech for every person he meets to bestow him with a sweet smile or tender pat. He loves playing outside and doesn’t let piles and piles of snow stop him from frolicking.

He loves rough housing with dogs, but could use a little guidance on how to greet them appropriately, since he is so eager to play with them. He has even lived with cats and is fine with them. He is very smart, learning basic obedience extremely quickly, proving how eager he is to please. A trainer who certifies therapy dogs remarked after assessing his temperament and disposition that he would make a wonderful therapy dog with proper training.

Due to his puppy exuberance, he would be best placed in a home with older children, as he can be mouthy while playing. He doesn’t understand that with people, you can’t use your mouth in play like you can with dogs, so he’ll need patience and committed training to eliminate this behavior.

If you have another dog willing to teach him the ropes and take on a younger brother, he would be so happy. If you are looking for a diamond in the rough and could give him structure and continued training to teach him proper manners, then please meet Zeppy, who will undoubtedly make a wonderful companion.

Imagine the difference this tripod dog could make to children or veterans who have lost limbs. Zeppy doesn’t let it affect him in the least. All he needs is a human companion willing to make a difference in his life so he can make a difference in others.

To meet Zeppy, please fill contact us, or fill out our online application. Thanks for caring about a dog in need!

For additional photos of Zeppy, please visit his Facebook page