Meet The AmaZing Zorra!

Zorra was found lying on the street, alone and unable to move, a hit and run victim paralyzed by a spinal cord fracture.

Within 24 hours of Zorra arriving in AmsterDog’s care, she was rushed into emergency surgery to stabilize her spine in hopes she will be able to regain her ability to walk. The surgery involved metal plates and pins being put in to secure her spine and stop the vertebrae’s movements damaging her spinal cord. Once her spine is stable and healing, the doctors will be able to address her broken femur, the broken joint it should join to, and her fractured hip. Zorra will require at least one additional surgery and months of physical therapy!

She has a loving foster home awaiting her with an experienced caregiver. But, Zorra’s surgery is $12,000+ just for her spine – not including the physical therapy and orthopedic work she will need.

Please help us help Zorra – we are devoted to providing her with the proper medical care to give her every chance at being able to walk again one day.

Every gift counts! Any amount, whether large or small, is so very much appreciated. Thank you for helping to make this miracle happen!

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